About Me

Dan Dunbar - Apple Test Design Lead

I am a Hardware Test Lead at Apple. I work with cross-functional hardware and software teams to bring up and maintain a manufacturing test line at the factory, including coordinating new test introduction and failure analysis. I am responsible for meeting frequent build objectives, facilitating daily syncs with internal and external engineers (across the USA, Europe, and Asia), and ensuring the physical test line along with software/firmware meet build maturity metrics (test time, retest rate, failure rate, calibration maturity, etc). I travel to Asia multiple times per year to oversee hardware builds in region.

I was previously a Senior Firmware Test Lead at Micron, covering the FTL (flash translation layer) domain. Job responsibilities included code standards enforcement, Jira story managment, holding scrums, developing test scripts and libraries in Python, automating testing using Jenkins, and performing triage on firmware test failures. I helped lead the effort to switch from Python 2.x to 3.x while keeping the code PEP8 compliant. I focused on improving team efficiency by instituting asynchronous communication models (reduce team meetings from multiple per day to two per week by utilizing MS Teams and automated Jira status reporting).

Specialties: Python, C, code management, code and workflow optimization and efficiency improvements, hard disk and solid state drives, hardware and software test, factory engagement, process management, project management

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