Presentations and Publications

A New Parallelizable Approach to Hybrid Systems Verification

NSF Fellowship Application Materials

November 2010

· Was selected as a Finalist, but had to decline as I decided to no longer pursue a PhD.

Personal Statement Previous Research Research Proposal

Design of a Radiation Tolerant Computing System Based on a Many-Core FPGA Architecture

Military and Aerospace Programmable Logic Devices (MAPLD) Conference in Greenbelt, MD (NASA Goddard)

September 2009

· Oral presentation given by senior design project advisor Brock LaMeres covering the work done by our senior design team.

We implemented 64 redundant PicoBlaze processors on a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA.


Deformable SU-8 Membrane Mirrors for Rapid Focus Control

National Conference on Undergraduate Research in La Crosse, WI

April 2009

· Oral presentation describing the research done for Dr. Dickensheets and the Undergraduate Scholar’s Program.

Abstract Report Presentation

Polymer Deformable Membrane Mirrors for Focus Control Using SU-8 2002

OpTec Conference in Bozeman, MT

August 2008

· Poster presentation of preliminary work for Dr. Dickensheets in OMEMS.

Polymer Deformable Membrane Mirrors for Focus Control Using SU-8 2002

IEEE/LEOS Optical MEMS & Nanophotonics Conference in Freiburg, Germany

August 2008

· Poster presentation, same poster as used in OpTec Conference.


A New Web Archive for TNF Workshop Data

Turbulent Non-Premixed Flames (TNF) Workshop in Heidelberg, Germany

August 2006

· Work done as an intern at Sandia National Labs presented by mentor Rob Barlow to obtain further support/funding

Abstract Presentation